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My Natural Everyday Makeup Routine

Your daily makeup routine should accomplish three things:

  1. It should not make you late.
  2. It should not break the bank.
  3. It should make you feel beautiful.

To accomplish number one I keep my daily routine down to 4 products which include foundation, eyeliner, mascara and a lip product.  You may be saying, “But, Sash, in your video you used blush and inner corner highlight.”  Well, to be perfectly honest, most days I just say, “Screw it.”  Unless I am looking particularly sickeningly white in the middle of winter, blush usually gets thrown out the window.  The inner corner highlight is for days when I need an extra spring in my step.  So overall the 4 product system allows me to look presentable but also gives me time for more important things like sleep.

From the time I was a fashion loving tween I was scouring the sale aisles.  Being smart with money was something I was taught from a young age and, frankly, going on the quest for a quality item that is also affordable is fun.  All the items in this video are drugstore:

  • Foundation: Revlon Colorstay 180 Sand Beige
  • Eyeliner: Femme Couture Baked Cake Eyeliner (Sally Beauty)
  • Mascara: Covergirl LashBlast in black
  • Eye shadow: Loreal Frosted Icing 901
  • Blush: elf in flushed
  • Lips: Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer in Watermelon

Finally, the makeup you do everyday should make you feel your best.  For me that means covering up the blue veins underneath my eyes,  making my lashes look extra long and ensuring my lips aren’t cracking.  Super simple and natural make up makes me feel beautiful, but for other women having a bright lip makes them feel they can stand out in a room or having smoldering eye makeup makes them feel sexy.  I say find a makeup routine that makes you feel awesome about yourself and spend the few extra minutes in the morning on it.  Having that little extra boost of confidence can really make a difference on how you feel about yourself all day long.


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The Video that Started it All

Almost exactly 2 years ago I posted one of my first videos “10 Easy, Quick, Everyday Hairstyles for Long Hair & Hairstyles for Medium Hair.”  Looking back I wonder if I should have made the title a little more descriptive–its a little cryptic as is (sarcasm).    Anyways, this video really set the tone for my channel and showed me what was missing on youtube.  I hope you still enjoy it or if you have never seen it before I hope it inspires you to try something different with your hair tomorrow morning as you are rushing off to work or school.  Here are the screen shots for reference:


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